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discover the

Universal Laws of God


by Bonnie Breniser

Prophet, Life Coach, Teacher


© 2014 




People are sick, poor, a failure because they are NOT following
God's Universal Laws designed for health, wealth and success!


Universal Laws are laws that govern our universe created by God for all to work in perfect harmony and to shower us with infinite abundance! They influence your life and work 24/7 (like gravity) whether you believe in them or not. The universal laws are of God essence, His living omni-presence. And our soul (mind, will, and emotions (thoughts with feelings)) work in junction to these laws as our soul is connected to both the physical realm and the spiritual realm of God. When we have an understanding to God's universal laws we also have an understanding of how life works and how God works. God's universal laws all work together synergistically.


Sin is transgression of this divine law (natural order); violation to God's Universal Laws. Sin is what's keeping us from receiving the Gifts Of God. When we get in alignment with God's Laws then life will begin to flow in our favor. "Come near to God and He will come near to you." (James 4:8)


Get rid of the things not of God and own the keys to heaven.
"...the Kingdom Of God is within you." (Luke 17:20)


Like gravity, God's Universal Laws (commandments) work equally for everyone without favoritism; Christian or not, white or black, secular or spiritual, etc. ALL who obey the Laws of God can experience a better life here-n-now.


We obey God's laws when we realize not obeying them hurts us.

Like the law of gravity for instance, if we jump off of something too high it hurts!—it can injure us or even kill us. We learn at an early age about the law of gravity. And once that Law became learned it then became an automatic response for us. Meaning that, we live in accordance to the law of gravity without having to think about it. We know the boundaries to it and live in harmony with it.


Understanding the law of gravity can save us money from doctor and hospital bills right?—among other things. Another universal law we have learned at an early age is; fire is hot and ouches, huh?


How many of you are operating from sickness, lack of, and failure
as a learned automatic program within your BEing (way of being)?


Christians (people) are pretty much familiar with God's commandments of thou shall not kill, commit adultery, lie, steel, etc., and are self-controled not sinning in those areas. But few seem to have little understanding of how God's Universal Law-commandments work and that sinning in these areas too goes against God and hurts them.


IMPORTANT: The Universal Laws of God are an indirect source of God (a creation of God) but ARE NOT God directly. Many people mistake the Universal Laws "AS" God to which bypasses and dethrones a personal relationship with God directly. Only a direct relationship with God leads to heaven; having a relationship with "creations" (indirect sources) of God only won't get you there!


Universal Law of Divine Oneness; UNITY

This Law is the far most important of them all. {God in you + you in God} = complete unity.

Divine Oneness is when you and God become one, synergistically in perfect harmony. Where God expresses Himself in-through-with you. Where your entire BEing (way of being) is totally infused with God, that it is God doing the doing in-through-with you. Where you take on seeing as God sees, knowing what God knows (direct knowledge) i.e. mind of Christ - that you automatically know the ways of God without anyone teaching you, where God's will and your heart's desires (will) become one. You will still be you, but will also be God too; known as Higher Self.


Using God's Universal Laws "By Self" denies God His Will and Right of Expression in all you do.

God created humans to do life with God versus doing life alone or with other spirit deities.


God's Spirit is not the only spirit you can be IN ONENESS/UNITY WITH. Only being in Oneness with God will the person inherit Eternal Life with God. Yoga, meditation, chanting, talking to fallen angles, witchcraft, sorcery...all forms of new age practices...are binding yourself to ungodly spirits~Devils; these acts are NOT of God and creates "NON-oneness/division" between you and God.


Eating from both tables, following the Laws and Ways of God with "other" Ways and Spirits, is of duality. Duality is mixing other things not of God in with God. Duality is not Unity; duality prevents unity with God. To bind with God, the Creator of Heaven-n-Earth, is to follow the Ways of God and God only.


When in Complete Unity (divine oneness) with God then all the other Universal Laws will operated in a holy Divine righteous way.


Complete Unity with God




Leading The Way: Easy 12 Step Guide


Duality vs. Unity



Universal Law of Positiveness/Negativenesss: Single/Double-Mindedness

Is the glass half full or half empty? Do you see things in terms of abundance or lack of? The choice of words you use reflect your true view point of the world. God's is of and operates in a positive nature, all forms of negativity is not of God. When we ourselves are operating in a positive nature then we are in alignment with God for miracles to happen. Negativity blocks out God and miracles. Are your choice of WORDS self-sabotaging you from miracles or fulfillment? Conscious Language


Negative emotions are also blocks to receiving the desires of your heart, the blessings of God. All forms of negativity goes against us. Negativeness blocks-out the flow of God. However, when not in Unity with God, some negatives will "appear" positive! The Positive Movement Deception. Without Complete Unity with God/Divinity, you won't be able to discern which way is of God from the way of the false gods (Fallen Angels) who masquerade around as God. Emotional Clearing


If you have a negative attached to a positive then it is truly not positive. You can't be inviting people over for dinner (+) while having thoughts of how much it is going to cost you (-). This is what the Bible explains as "Double-Mindedness" unstable in all he does [James 1:8]. Duality is mixing a positive with a negative. The Deception in Duality


How the Law of Positive/Negative works on the physical level via a bank account of (-)'s and (+)'s is how it works on the spiritual level too. HOWEVER, the idea is not to struggle in life trying to gain more (+)'s while keeping the (-)'s; but to rid of the (-)'s that in turn the effect will be more (+)'s.


Many a times we are trying to fix our lives by trying to add new things (+) on top of the problem (-), trying to patch-it-up/band-aid effect, versus dealing the the root cause of the (-) problem. Covering it up won't really make you better off; it'll only "appear" you are doing ok, but are not really doing ok. One must remove the negative root cause to truly succeed in life.


You must remove the negative thing for God's Laws to work in your favor properly. You can't have HEALTH exercising, eating raw foods, supplementation of vitamins and minerals (+) while taking prescription drugs or holding onto bitterness/anger (-)!!! (manipulative therapies are also band-aids) Disease = dis-ease, a body not at ease (not in alignment to God's Laws). First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside will also be clean. (Matthew 23:25) Positive affirmations won't remove the (-) thing either!, unless you are exchanging the negative for positive. Covering it up, putting it out of sight, are temporary fixes to get through the day ONLY. Say you use positive affirmations towards prosperity, and you may get some results, but if you had a bad childhood life that rooted in "failure" or "lack of" mentality that is the root cause of WHY you are not prosperous in the first place, then positive affirmations are mere band-aid effect...because the root cause of the unclean spirit "failure" or "lack of" still is in your BEing. And let me tell you these are serious embedded strongholds that need to be dealt with. Therefore, you need a Whole Body Detox of the Flesh, Soul, & Spirit.


Universal Law of Deliberate Creation

Our soul (mind, will, emotions (thoughts with feelings)) is connected to both the spiritual realm and physical realm and create our reality. The thoughts and feelings we harbor create our reality knowing or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously; the universal laws of creation work 24/7 whether you believe in them or not. Most of us are creating our reality by default; with our soul running on auto-pilot mode versus being self-controled. By taking the driver seat of our soul (mind, will, emotions i.e. thoughts & feelings) we can create with deliberation. One of the characteristics of the Spirit is being self-controled. Everyone ends up somewhere, few end up somewhere on purpose! Get Educated


Universal Law of Allowing/Least Effort - Least Action, No Resistance

Accept others how they are, allowing them to just BE who they are. Trying to convert people to your ways making ourselves feel more at ease is not true freedom. It is a battle and a struggle; a constant war. And it simply won't work so stop trying. Surrender! Allowing someone to BE is not the same as tolerance; tolerating someone's behavior or character is not Godly. By wanting everyone to be like you is like...if I am right then you are wrong and this is judging. Judging is God's business not ours.


Least Action/No Resistance can be achieved by simply telling God, by writing it down to God (writing is a form of direct communication to God) the thing you seek or need help with. Then be patient and allow God to orchestrate it by putting it in your path bringing it to you or guiding you effortlessly to it.


Co-Create with God Your Heart's Desires


Allow God's living creative omni-presence energy (GRACE) to do all the orchestrating of bringing your heart desires into manifestation, to guide you in the right direction, what action to take, and put the right people/things in your life.


Least Action/No Resistance is the Flow Of God known as Grace (with ease and grace).


Universal Law of Attraction

Like attracts like; what you put out to the universe (God's living creative omni-presence energy) comes back to you like a boomerang. The kind of 'vibes' you are giving out will come back to you in likeness (good or bad). If you are a negative person you will attract other negative people. What you want to receive for yourself you must first give it out to the universe (God's living creative omni-presence energy) for it to come back to you. If you truly desire something from the bottom of your heart and BELIEVE it will come to pass, keeping the door open to all possibilities, it will begin to will attract it into your life. However, if you have a lot of emotional baggage it may take a lot longer to achieve it. See ... Understanding God's Grace


Universal Law of Giving & Receiving: Generosity

Upon divinity with God, giving from the heart & soul (on the spiritual level) with joy creates infinite on-going abundance. The motive to give must come from "Divine" righteousness—without any negativity attached to it (duality), without wanting something back in return, and without as a duty or obligation to God. When in divinity with God, the giving comes from God within us. As an example: God anointed me as Prophet and my Calling is Teacher, plus I am in Divine Oneness with God; therefore what I teach upon is spiritually given to me per Direct Knowledge from/of God. And the way God set me up to give this information out for free actually prospers me in a different way.God specifically told not to sell my anointing of knowledge because what I know came to me for free. Freely give and freely ye shall receive.


See... God's TRUE Laws for Tithing


Hoarding is opposite from Giving. The roots of hoarding is "lack of" mentality. A false sense of abundance and security; as if, holding-on is abundance. Holding on to money/things comes from thinking in error 'there won't be any more' or 'if I spend money then there is less of it'. The truth is; there is an infinite supply. God's Laws for Giving & Receiving


Anyone who stores up things for himself is not rich toward God. (Luke 12:21) Living on retirement money is NOT of God and will not prosper you with the infinite supply of abundance, retirement is a man-made secular traditional system (patterns of the world). When you become in oneness with God, storing up money/things is un-necessary. And you will remain prosperous even when the economy is down. The spiritual laws override the physical principles. Storing up of money for thy SELF is self-centeredness; others can't benefit from it. Investing money for a greater return is ungodly if the money being invested is toward worldly stuff (not of God). When in divinity with God, God will tell what to do with your money that will be of His Virtue.


Some people like to give only and are too PROUD to receive. This 'pride' will block a person from receiving the infinite supply, creating stagnant...pride limits oneself, so does hoarding.


A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. (Proverbs 11:24)

The more value you provide to others, the more abundance that will flow into your life. But what we give must come from God within per divinity (unity,oneness). We must FIRST focus on servicing the needs of others (with God), adding value to their lives, then prosperity will follow (from God). Prosperity follows value. Build a plan of servicing as many people as possible, by the mass, for greater returns. Co-Create With God


Now the catch to that scripture is this: if you GIVE operating out of the "ways of the world" (government power 501c, etc.) humanism or by spiritual New Age psychic powers, then you will also be re-freshened out of that Kingdom...Satan's Kingdom. To be re-freshened out of God's Kingdom then what you GIVE come from God's WILL-Power "directly"...or all will be in Vain.


Universal Law of Energy (+) and (-)

We need to renew the mind from Newton's outdated theory that stated all is matter (physical). Since then Einstein came along and discovered that everything is of energy (spirit). The world is not flat but round. Energy (spirit) is what makes things grow. There is this like pool of "creative" energy (God) everywhere. What ever you put energy into will grow (manifest), stop putting energy into it and it will cease to exist. So if your life is not the way you desire it to be, stop putting energy into the things you truly do not want; with putting energy into the things you DO want. Shift your energy.


Words, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, visions on a continual basis of giving energy to it will manifest it.


If someone calls you a looser and you believe it, your BEing will manifest into a looser. If we allow 'failure' to root, BEing a failure will be its harvest. Don't take ownership to other people's opinion/labels of you. If someone said you are a car you'd look at them as if they are crazy. But when people call you 'stupid' you have the tendency to believe it - why? You are no more a car than stupid. We develop an incorrect image of ourselves thus becoming that false (-) image. Lost Identity.


Universal Law of Infinite Abundance & Sufficiency

We do not live in a world of scarcity!—but in a world of infinite abundance and sufficiency. God has already given us everything; the tools to Co-Create With God our own health, wealth, and success. God's nature is of a never-ending supply (unlimited)...drink from my well and you will never be thirsty again. What stands in our way from receiving this infinite supply of abundance is not following God's Divine Natural Laws designed to give us everything AND being in divinity with "God the Person" directly.


"Already you have all you want! Already you have become rich! You have become kings...and that without us." (1 Corinthians 3:21) "...the Kingdom Of God is within you." (Luke 17:20) “Our sufficiency is from God.” (2 Corinthians 3:5)


Lack mentality roots into many other negative sub-roots, like: greed, envy, jealous, pity, unworthy, manipulation, longing, can't, impossible, hopeless, incapable, insufficient, competition, struggle, unfulfilled, ...


Universal Law of Pure Potentiality

When in divinity (oneness, unity) with God, we can ask and receive and it will be given to us. God will then also plant seeds (visions, thoughts, ideas, etc.) within you that will grow into reality helping you reach the goal. What is impossible with men is possible with God. -Luke 18:27 That's one thing you have to be careful of when in Divinity With God, because you WILL get what you ask for or think up of even if you weren't really serious about it...somethings manifest quickly, and in other times God has to prepare you to receive it so then it will take longer to receive it. Some things we desire, we have to work with God in removing the sin-thing that stands in the way from receiving The Gift.


Universal Law of Detachment

Is our happiness dependant upon having certain things achieved; based on conditions? Does our stuff create our happiness or are we spiritually happy? Can you be truly happy with no thing (homeless)? When in divinity with God, you CAN be happy with no other thing. Infinite abundance comes when our happiness don't depend on things itself, but that our true happiness comes from God's Spirit within versus outwardly. It's nice to have things, just don't be "needy" over them; as if you couldn't be happy without them. God is truly the only thing for true happiness.


My personal story: while on my trip home (a two day car drive) from just being delivered of a lot of unclean spirits; when I got to the hotel room to turn in for the evening (the first day going back home), I realized that I had left behind my container of ALL my jewelry in the drawer of the previous hotel room (in the town where I got my deliverance). I had gotten sick two day prior and wasn't feeling well enough to deal with it that night. So the next morning as I awoke, I laid there in bed meditating over the situation. I thought well if I pray to God now about it, it may be too late for Him to do anything about it, that I should have prayed the night before. Then all of the sudden, I began going through this internal mental mind-processing; thinking ... "well I would like to have my jewelry back as those carefully selected pieces I couldn't get the exact same thing again. But knowing God, He'd replenish my jewelry supply back - and perhaps get even better pieces. If the maid cleaning the room took it (kept it for herself), then I'd understand why - it would be because of her "lack-of" mentality that is of the devil that makes people do bad things to get/have things; so I forgive her if she were to take it. So yes I would like my jewelry back, but I am okay if I don't." After that mental mind-process ordeal, I called the hotel told them where I had left my Jewelry, they called me back...someone else was already checked-in the room. So I said, could you have a staff member go in the room to retrieve it. The called me back, it wasn't there. Then they called me back again saying it was on the maid's cart and we made arrangements to have it mailed to me.


Those in frequent contact with things of the world should make good use of them, without becoming attached to them... (1 Corinthians 7:31)


Universal Law of Polarity

In the nature of duality there are two poles, opposites to everything: negative/positive, good/evil, God/Devil. To every negative side is a positive side, where there is a WILL there is a way. Seek the positive side and the door to God's grace will open. The negative can be transformed into something of a positive nature, by transforming the negative (cause) to have a positive (effect). Like using a negative physical defect for a higher good cause by shifting our perception and attitude; way of thinking. By making something good out of the negative.


Universal Law of Compensation

While there is no favoritism with God or His Laws; there are rewards for those who obey and strive to keep His Laws (commandments).


God will reward each person for what they have done. (Matthew 16:27)


Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. (2 Corinthians 9:6)


Universal Law of Action

God will provide every time; however, we have to do our part in receiving it.


Just as Jesus told Simon (the fisherman)...Simon and his crew fished and got nothing that day. And Jesus told them to go back out again that the fish are now there. God didn't make the fish appear in their hands (on their boat, on the land); God provided the fish but the fishermen had to go get it. [Luke 5:1-7] Another example is this: In order to pay tax collectors, Jesus told Peter to go to the lake to fish, that the money will be in the mouth of the first fish caught. God did not just put the money in Peter's hands (at his feet); God did provide the money, but Peter had to go get it. [Matthew 18:27]


The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied. (Proverbs 13:4)


God gives me ideas and thoughts of how to accomplish things to achieve a certain outcome, but then its up to me to put it into action for the outcome to manifest.


Universal Law of Cause & Effect

As up above, so is below. The thoughts and feelings (negative or positive) you harbor spiritually, creates your reality physically. What you put your time and energy into (sow) is what you will reap. Things don't just happen by chance or fate, but happens by law. Holding on to bitterness is the (root cause) of most cancers (effect). Anger is stored in the liver which is the (root cause) for most hepatitis dis-eases (effects). The practice of yoga (cause) will unite you to the devil and open doors to demonic experiences (effect). There are consequences for your actions (good or bad).


Universal Law of Harvest

What you sow is what you will reap in its likeness. You cannot get corn from planting an apple seed.


No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thornbushes, or grapes from briers. (Luke 6:43,44)

"When I've had held thoughts, feelings, and images of success in my mind I have become successful at becoming successful. When I've had held thoughts, feelings and images of failure in my mind, I have been successful at becoming a failure." -by Bob Griswold.


It will be done just as you believed it would. (Matthew 8:13)


Universal Law of Gender

Everything has a incubation or gestation period; having a baby takes nine months, flowers have their own time span to flourish, as well as the organs in our body (we get a new one every so many days - months), and so forth.


For at the proper time we will reap a harvest IF we do not give up. (Galatians 6:5)


Universal Law of Seed, Time, Harvest

The seeds we sow are from our heart and soul (mind, will, emotions ie. thoughts with feelings). Time is the incubation or gestation period. Harvest is the manifestation of seeds sown.


The seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how. All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then full kernel in the head. (Mark 4:27,28)


Universal Law of Purpose in Life

We are all here to do a divine task for God. We all have within us, created by God, to do something special here on Earth...a destiny. We can live the life of the flesh (lower self) or live the life God designed for us (higher self) that will fulfill and complete us; bringing us ultimate joy and happiness. Find Your Life Purpose



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