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Characteristics of Ungodly Spirits

by Bonnie Breniser

© 2014 




Ridding of ungodly spirits within our BEing (way of being) is only part of spiritual growth.


Spirits don't have a body. Our body is not only a host for our own spirit and God's Spirit but a host for all other outside invaders too, not of God. These ungodly spirits (listed below) are a major contributor towards sickness, illness and disease, including poverty. Many people have witnessed miraculous healing over forgiveness alone. Got Cancer? Who are you holding bitterness over? Repent and Forgive.


"You deaf and mute spirit, I command you, come out of him and never enter him again." -Mark 9:25 Unclean spirits can be a root cause of our illnesses and dis-eases...making the body not at ease. Or some of our unclean spirits are of our own making (holding onto negative forms gives birth to them) while some we were born with, inherited, passed down generational through the family line ... unless these things get "undone", they keep getting passed down. False identities like homosexual are of unclean spirits in us, it is their will acting out using our body to do their dirty work. So much of our illnesses and dis-eases, including false identites is a manifestation of the things in us on the "unseen" spiritual level.


These unclean, ungodly spirits, that express their persona through our body, blend themselves in with our own original God-created Self so well that we cannot detected them; to the point we just think it is us...but it is not us, but them! Part of Spiritual Growth is getting rid of these "other" false selfs.


Self-Healing: Repent means to "turn away from", it is an ACTION word, you are the one held accountable for your own actions "sin no more". Sin is transgression (violation) from God's ways and laws.


Self-Deliverance: It generally takes three to four weeks of not allowing the ungodly spirits to express themselves through us to be free of the them. "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7    My Testimony Below


"The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the Kingdom of God." -Galatians 5:19-21


xxx Spirit of Jezebel

Kundalini, Yoga,
& New Age Spirits

Negative Forces that
work against us

Whole Body Detox - Flesh, Soul, Spirit

(Free Curse Breaking & Self Exorcism Tools)

Accusation Rejection Sexual Immorality
Bitterness Unloving Spirits Addictions
Envy & Jealousy Fear Characteristics of Devilishness


"So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be alert and self-controlled." 1Thessansians 4:6


Accusation the Accusing Spirit

Accusation begins in our thoughts. Accusing spirits will build you up falsely "doing good but don't yet quite measure up". Accusation brings on fear to destroy you slowly. Accuses you non-stop. It separates you from people. Suspicion of others (fear), continued bitterness towards others. Pattern of "over-n-over" to make you believe it to be true; validates your beliefs so you think false beliefs are true. Anger for no reasons towards others, turning one against another, refusing fellowship of others after they forgave you = division. Satan accuses us to ourselves, God and others; if Satan can make you feel like no_thing and you believe it, you become it. The tendency to look to others for approval (outward). False expectations; will try and burn you out to meet the lie-induced expectations. Keeps records of wrongs and failures and will keep replaying them over-n-over in you so that you become that in which you think about most. Makes you feel unworthy to tear down others to exalt thy self. Than your opinions and goals are more important than others.


Who told you you were ____stupid, etc.____? It was a lie from an ungodly spirit working in that other person that told you that. If I were to tell you "you're a car" would you believe that?—No! So why then would you believe that you are stupid or any other than what God created? You were created perfectly (flawless) in God's image; anything outside of this truth is not coming from God. As a child learning how to walk and falls down over-and-over does it label itself a "failure"?-No, the baby gets back up on its feet attempts to walk again until the task is learned (becomes auto-matic).



Don't go to bed angry, it will carry on and gets worse; it builds up until it destroys you. Your words reflect what's going on inside. There are seven spirits that make its principality (armor); all bitterness is an evil ungodly spirit not human nature; justified "eye for an eye". Do you cause trouble of others?-gossip. Victimization; families hurt each other, they hurt you, done you wrong because they are ignorant of TRUTH or know truth but still do it = bitterness, they don't practice the ways of God or understand it; if angry at them - do you feel like forgiving them?-If not = Bitterness. Even if you don't want to - forgive. Bitterness wants to use you as its palace, it prince, and if you let it you become in agreement with it (creating a relationship bond with it) to where then it controls your life, it moves you to the basement while it takes over your house. Bitterness try's to defile others, makes you a victim to victimize others (ripple effect), if it hurts you you will go out and hurt others.



7 Spirits that make up the principality (armor) of Bitterness:

1) Unforgiveness - records all the wrongs and failures; loops, keeps you there "auto-play"
when fueled leads to  
2) Resentment - reinforces unforgiveness, "I am going to remember it for the rest of my life"; can resent yourself, events in your life. Both parties fight back-n-forth "you did this to me" "well you did this to me" fuels the fire.
when fueled leads to  
3) Retaliation - "I will make you pay for what you did to me", revenge, pay back, going to get you worse than what you did to me, getting even. Then anger, then raft, vocalize bitterness "I hate you".
when fueled leads to  
4) Anger - church splits, divides relationships. As a child grows up in an anger-filled environment anger gets embedded in the child's BEing (way of being), most children are not acknowledgeable towards guarding the heart. Hatred sets the stage towards elimination.
when fueled leads to  
5) Elimination - "you loose, I win" mentality. Self-hatred; self-elimination, thy self will try and take out the self by cutting of thy self, suicide, not eating -- forgive the self. Plots to take out the opposing opponent.
when fueled leads to  
6) Violence - puts into physical motion "I am going to take you out". Motive behind abuse, juveniles put into homes, prisoners in jails, etc.
when fueled leads to  
7) Murder - physical, verbally (with the tongue). Devil won.


Gossip and slander words on all levels is bitterness.


Bitterness; the more you feed it (fuel it) the more it grows. Strip its armor to deactivate it. Bitterness leads to kills you too!


More on Bitterness. Pent-up anger in a child, rejected, damaged = hatred towards thy self. If you don't deal with bitterness, it will turn against you...if you don't control it, it will control you. Don't feel good about your self so take it out on others. If you judge your own ___bitterness___, God will then not judge you of it; examine yourself. Can't blame it on others or "it's just how I am", can't blame it on others or circumstances.


Childhood wounds and hurts makes you push others away, isolation from people. Bitterness comes between you and other people making it hard to have relationships with others; can't get along with others. Jump To: more on childhood wounds


Forgiveness replaces bitterness; so does LOVE replace bitterness. The fruits of LOVE is: patience and kindness. If you don't forgive others nor will God forgive you—one of the main blocks to being healed.


Envy & Jealousy

Principality of Envy & Jealousy leads to bitterness. Envy & Jealousy is not an emotion but a ungodly spirit that has a mission to divide and destroy relationships. The spirit needs head first, the renewing of the mind, then the body will follow (line-up).


Characteristics: you don't have what you need, derive of the thing you want, underlying bitterness, envy and fear, wants to hold onto all things, fear of lose over what you have. "You have it, I want it, I hate you because you have it and I don't" - no peace. Envy & Jealousy prevents one from having things, one of the roots of poverty/lack of. Doubt in God to provide, lack ability to trust God to provide. Comparing to others = deception, always want to compare, takes your eyes off God onto other things, eyes off your won life goals, get your eyes off others and don't judge. You don't want others to have God's blessings, want to eliminate the person=murder with tongue, between nations, hates the other person for the thing they want. Don't want others to have it, wanting to take someone else's things. Suspicion, curiosity compels you to look people's information to use it against them, sabotage to destroy. "If I can't have her then no one will/can have her" leads to murder.


Seeks gain at someone else's gain (take/steel/manipulation); gain not Godly, content is Godliness. You won't have peace no matter what you have. Fear feeds Envy & Jealousy. "If I had ________, then I'd be perfect", don't feel as good enough - inadequate, insufficient.


By comparing yourself with others opens the doors to this Spirit of Envy & Jealousy to enter in your BEing (way of being).

1) not trusting God to provide

2) not believing God to take care of you

3) not accepting people, self, life as is


Bottom line: there is no need for Envy & Jealously in your life...especially NOW since you know how to Co-Create With God Your Heart's Desires.



Rejection is like a horse wearing blinders - tunnel focal point - it is all you can see. Rejection is not an emotion but a medium for its nature of expression through you. Must be accepted by man. People with rejection are like a porcupine with thorns - when getting close to them it hurts. It always blames others, can be recognized in your words, life or death words spoken out of Rejection. Feelings/Thoughts of to throw away, to put aside, not measuring up to what is good, feel despised, feel crucified. The things we want most we reject, push away. Constant need for approval but when gets it pushes it away, inherited curse "if done onto me must also do onto others",


Rejection steels your joy and freedom, produces shame and guilt. You never feel "fit in", feel "don't belong", will not let you have relationships, the thing you need you reject, fear of love via God's perfect love. Try to defend, withdrawal, some will hide in their shell (turtle), fear of vulnerable,


How Rejection Works:

(1) Withdrawal - fear of man, will not measure up to others expectations, going to fail (failure mentality), won't allow you to take risks, fear of abandonment, fear of sins,

(2) Exploding with hate and anger, don't withdrawal but explodes instead.

(3) Looking for a meaningful identity outside of God, to make yourself look good, why so many self-help books to tell you who/how you should be, using other people as your source (role model), who you are is who you should be spiritually versus a fabricated personality creating a false personality, multiple personalities, insanity.


Fruits of Rejection: No identity, follow false prophets/false teachers/false guides, want to feel a purpose to feel important, broken heart leads to occultism - driven to seek out/have spiritual gifts, driven by identity crises, exalt themselves but not willing to serve, to want to be spiritual, watch facial expressions - care about what people think about yourself, always watching/looking to see if others notice you. Rejection does not allow God's Love.


Wounds of Rejection: wounds our spirit not intellect, detrimental to insanity, intellect will remember wound (but not when healed of it), keeps haunting you, heavy bowed down/over from rejection, deep feelings of hurt (heart needs purified), preoccupied in hurt.


Insights to Principality (armor) of it: false compassion, identify with the problems of others and self reinforces it verses solving it (like group therapies), self pity, fear of deliverance per severe personality change due to Rejection has became your identity, vulnerable, protection, defense mechanism, has a significantly impacts you when you believe the lie or perceptions of being Rejection - 60-70% of Rejection is imagined. Rejection feeds/fuels rejection, strive to get what you already have (you already have it from God), drivenness to prove they are successful, can never win, will not le you accept self or others, senses rejection everywhere all the time, driven for affection - forced to perform, force acceptance make sure others know you are there, engineers circumstances to be rejected and fail, you will reap more of it - loops, rejection feeds depression and pity.


Anti-Christ spirit = self pity, binds you to the past, never projects anything good into the future, makes you feel rejected by God as in "God did not give me that gift - God must not love me".


Rebellion = rejection...rebells to take control over Rejection; rebels against God turning to occultism instead (worships Satan and his ways...New Age/Yoga), takes what God says and trashes it, won't allow you to be led by God's Spirit (but rather turn to other spirit guides, fallen angels, and other demonic spirits), will not submit to God and His ways, rejects Jesus son of God.


Lust/Fantasy love = counterfeit love.


Point of Entrance: rejection opens doors to Rejection, abandonment, unwanted as early in the womb, can be transferred in the womb to the child, spirits move in from generation, if the child is not recognized as a child of God Rejections comes in, sensing financial burden to the parents, feelings against the child, parents wanting the other gender boy/girl, adoption, abandonment, gives up the child, failure to nurture the child, inherited evil curses of the family. Change in environment may not change the situation of a rejected child - they may still feel Rejected in a good loving home. Competing father; by the father over his wife now spending more time with the child than him. Competing brother/sister no longer the "only child" missing out on the attention of parents (jealousy). From a deceased parent (blaming God or self). Conceived in lust versus love (a mistake/accidental pregnancy)—you are no accident, God planned you and has plans for your life, God is your true parent(s), your earthly parents are only your temporary parents (custodians). You are of God's heavenly family and have His Holy genes. Evil spirits playing out in parents towards the child brings on Rejection,


How to get rid of Rejection: ACCEPTANCE, accept God's Love for you and your God-given inheritance, rid of self-rejection (self-hate), rid of other people's rejection of you, fellowship with Father God. Start accepting what God says about you "you are the apple of God's eye". Forgive the parent who died and left you behind. Meditate on God's word, His Truths about you. Accept yourself. Must have a deep resentment towards Rejection to turn away from it, from no longer allowing it to rule over your life.


Sequential Order for Healing: (1) love of God, first His love flowing through you (2) loving yourself just as you are (3) love your neighbor (other people).


How To Love Yourself: stop... criticizing yourself, the self-sabotaging thoughts/feelings, condemning yourself. Allow people to help you and do things for you, receive gifts. Accept yourself the way you "really" are without all the fake cover-ups.


How To Love Others: Accept others as they are without wanting to change them, stop... criticizing, condemning, judging people; stop... the outward verbal expression of negative words about them (gossip) along with the negative inner talk (the things you say to yourself) about people. Give from the heart.


Nature of Rejection: (1) unwanted (2) desperate need for love - torment - don't believe anybody loves you, refusing what is good (3) binds you to unbelief that you can be loved.


Are you afraid of being free of Rejection? You may be afraid to live without it because it will change your nature. Rid of Anger and Bitterness before dealing with ridding of Rejection.


Unloving Spirit

An Anti-Christ Spirit. The devils plan is to take your childhood and make it your adulthood. Will not let you feel safe, covered, or nurtured. Contradicts good things said about you, remember all the victimizing words all the days of your life, "your dumb" when fails a test, when looking in the mirror it tells you "you are not pretty", when hearing a recording of your own voice it tells you "that's doesn't sound like me", self-rejection, self-hatred, wish you never were born, wish you were dead (death wish), it tells a good person "you will never be good enough", push people away - reject people, causes you to feel rejected even when not there - when someone looks at you it tells you "you are disliked", makes you feel unloved/unlovely, lost/stolen identity - are not the identity God gave you.


"How can you love me when you don't even know me", not covered in love properly, every relationship ends up with same result - attract it - like attracts like, without perfect love creates torment.


Dynamo Effect: back and forth effect

There is no fear in God's Perfect Love. Don't have the ability to give or receive love without fear = broken heart. If you can't receive love, then how can you give it? You give what you have - what's in you, attacks loved ones - pushes them away. It tells you healing is not for you, that it is for others but not for you, that even if it works on other people it won't work on you. Accusing Unloving Spirit keeps you from keeping God's word about you, if agreeing with the Unloving Spirit's thoughts then not obeying God's word. Those who victimized you they had the same problem and projected their baggage onto you, most likely the thing they done to you was done to them, leave those things from parents behind, you have become an outlet fro their own stuff - don't take ownership of other people's stuff, you were ignorant to it not spiritually armed, separate the ungodly spirits from the person/from self - separate from the evil in them - nothing good comes from evil, what was given to you you then also project it onto others and you wonder why you are in torment, exchange hared and bitterness for compassion because you now know why they did it, you can change, you are not bound to it, stop hanging onto biological make-up of ancestors, stop following patterns of the world (re-acting it).


This spirit wants to control your life, wants to show its nature on the face of the earth.


Let God be true and every man a liar, God is our genuine true source for nurturing and covering - not others. The Holy Spirit is your source of power. When complete in God the junk can no longer effect you - memory will still remain - but no re-action - the root cause now gone. The Unloving Spirit try's to keep you bound to the past, don't get stuck there in those things, you let the lies of the Unloving Spirit be your truth over God's real truth - twistedness, it doesn't matter what other people say about you but what God says about you. It sets you up to ONLY receive need to give too, time to start giving to others doing so breaks its power over you. A person with an Unloving Spirit has the tendency to stay inside self, GIVE, go out, not so bad loving people, it is safe with God, now God has something to work with in healing you. You don't have to be scared to trust. When healed can have relationships with others.


Battle in the mind with self after talking with someone -mentally beat yourself up over it. Think everyone should conform to their own way thinking. Stays on the sideline of life versus partaking in it.


Kingdom Of Self: its all about me - me, me, me - me, myself, mine...selfishness. Self-centered versus God centered. Your life is NOT about you but what you are here to do as a contribution fulfilling God's overall plan.


Self Pity: counterfeit for true compassion - not real, will cause you to stay sick/poor, tells you works for others but not for you, you don't have to stay in self pity over problems, says you always have problems - once its gone - no record fro your life, self sabotage, won't allow you to experience the NOW - always past or present, super glue to hell, what you want the most it keeps you from it via negative thoughts.


Self-Hatred: suicide, guilt, can't forgive self. Separate self from devilish ways of thinking: tattoos, body piercing, cutting self, anorexic - starving yourself, etc. Get anti-christ way of thinking out of mind. You ARE beautiful the way God created you.


Point of Entrance: inherited from family line, born with it, others unlovingness projected onto you, those who were suppose to look after you didn't - broken trust, can come from abuse (verbal, physical, emotional, sexual), programmed to unlove (results rage and anger).


What will keep you free of it?

Not an easy battle to rid of the Unloving Spirit, but it can be done. The Holy Spirit can break you free. Accept God's love, begin to have that completeness in us, germination to grow first, be prepared, God not going to give you a blessing if you are going to default back - you can hold onto it - you must let it go of it. Be willing, be prepared to resist these things = fruit blessings, God is massaging your heart to His ways, love yourself, resist failure mentality - devil sets you up for repeated failure, condemnation if don't achieve goal by a set date/time...what is wrong? focal point has shifted to negative. As your heart opens to God, doors open for healing, change occurs, accept the way/where you are now. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted. :~)



Fear can enter into the womb. Fear is an anti-christ spirit because it denies God on the throne, makes you gain kingship over your own life, agreement with doubt and fear as if we can save our self (you already are saved), fear = not trusting God, worry, worry can rob you of peace of mind, "something didn't happen yet and probably never will happen", worry is the opposite of faith, puts God in a box. When we open the door to fear other things comes in with it: worry, doubt, insecurity, inferiority. Faith is the only thing that will conquer fear - the more you exercise it the more it increases. Fear brings on all kinds of destruction to the body (dis-ease...body not at ease), fear attacks the immune system. Fear is everywhere..."don't eat that", "don't do that"...don't agree with its lies, it always projects thoughts and images in you of how it wants you to see/think - like a horse wearing blinders, tunnel vision. Fear will give you thoughts of "its an allergy" "you are allergic to that" by creating false symptoms then prompted by the thought - if you believe the lie/illusion you will indeed then get it.


Fear can shut down the mind...robbing people to not think properly as if its "too Big for God to handle", fear has us focused on fear versus sight of God (solutions) - if looking with eyes of faith you will be directed on what to do, you need to choose to listen to the Words of God over what you see and experience, fear comes in as a lie of a giant but God is bigger/greater, pushed by drivenness verses led by God's Spirit, start letting go and letting God, give fear to God (as in giving someone a key, you no longer have it), give it and let go, get out of the way of trying to help God do it, don't tell God HOW to do it...His way over your way.


How fear programs a person: monkey see monkey do, following the patterns of the world.


What you fear the most you will attract...seed→time→harvest.


Sexual Immorality

Unclean spirits have to deal with the body and uncleanliness towards the body: Lust (fantasizing), pornography, masturbation, fornication, adultery, all ungodly sexual acts.


Yes, God did create us as a sexual being. HOWEVER, Satan has taken every pure thing of God and corrupted it to satisfy his own ungodly nature. We must follow God's Laws to sex and not the Satanic ways to sex. God created sex to be experienced between a "wedded" couple; one man and one woman. Lust is a false representation of Pure Love. Lust demands, Love is given/received freely.


Masturbation: unwedded is an act of fortification, wedded is an act of adultery. Masturbation can start early in one's life. Many a times a child will turn to masturbation as a way of "relief", a method of comfort, from living in a chaotic environment. With masturbation comes in guilt, shame, and condemnation "you're a bad (dirty) boy/girl"...leading to lust (false love).


Sometimes eating can also serve as a (false form) of comfort, pleasure, and stress relief from a chaotic environment...leading to eating addicts. These are all false forms to achieve what is really needed (missing).


Pornography with Masturbation works like a street drug. The first time one can experience a "high" unknown before (releasing excessive amounts of chemicals in the body), then the next time one has to do more "of it" to experience that same first-time high or to achieve a greater high...leading to an addiction...drug/sex addicts...using the opposite sex (same sex) to get their "fix" for the day; creating a craving for it to where it becomes a habit; an addiction. At this point the individual no longer has control over his/her's own flesh-BEing (way of being); has surrendered his/her's will power over to this other ungodly authority. If you don't control the flesh it will control you! The bible teaches us to be SELF CONTROLED. Who is in the driver seat to your BEing? Get back in the driver seat and take back control to your own BEing versus allowing these negative influences drive you to insanity! (hell)


Sex is not love! Some people associate sex with love, as in sex is love, sex and love are two separate things. Thinking sex is love is an error; the mind needs renewed to truth—God's Truth.


A Healthy Righteous Relationship

Spiritual Level:   marriage (one spiritually), one objective
Soul Level:   best friends, enjoy being together
Physical Level:   lovers


Godly order in a household: God→Man→Woman→Children

A women should only be submitted to a man "IF" the man is submitted to God/Jesus via obedience! Everyone; married or not, should put God first in all things. The husband must put his wife before their children-and visa versa-the wife should put her husband before their children. The children to be obedient to both their mother and father. Ungodly order in the household can effect a child's health (as well as adults); chaos in the home = chaos in the body = body not at ease (dis-ease). Disease can root from ungodly head of order in the home; head gets out of order (head of household). A passive husband and a controlling wife is a home out of order; along with children controlling their parents = out of order.



The root to all addictions is the need to be loved (missing out on God's Perfect Love), need approval and attention, trying to fill an empty spot with other things, always got to be doings something, always busy. Addicts don't know when enough is enough...just one more. Addictions block our true identity, it becomes lord over your life, no will power over it to conquer it, get out of the same environment.



Pain from what it wants but can't have "boo-hoo-hoo, you want it but can't afford it, boo-hoo-hoo", emotional pity party going on inside you, poor me mentality "poor me I didn't get the perfect parents I wanted" "poor me my life sucks", etc.


My Testimonial: When I learned the emotion PITYFUL was not of God (not of me), I stopped feeding it; stopped "re-acting" to it. Whatever you feed grows; stop feeding it and it will flee. Whenever I felt "pitiful" coming on, I chose to respond a different way other than RE-acting with crying. When I'd go in to stores and seen all the things I could not afford to buy or have, I had this internal pity-party going on; "oh you poor can't can't want it but can't have's nice isn't it but you can't have hoo hoo." So in my conscious state of mind, when I'd go into stores, I kept my Self "neutral", not crying, not having thought...I'd just look at things with no thought at all over them, not attaching any thought to things. It's true, it takes about three weeks from NOT RE-ACTING to these patterns for them to be broken and gone. After three weeks of not re-acting, I became free of the unclean pitiful spirit. I was in my old RV (motor home) when all of the sudden I felt a tantrum coming on. I started swinging my arms, said the Lord's name in vain (not me but 'it') then a voice from within (God's Holy Spirit) said to me "peace, be still". So I stood there in stillness while it (the pitiful unclean spirit) came out of me!!!!! It came up my wind-pipe and out of my mouth. Some experts say negative emotions are energy trapped in the body that need released. Obviously, what I had was more than just some "energy" trapped in my body, for "it" to make me say the Lord's Name in vain. It was an anti-christ spirt.


Victim Mentality

Thoughts and feelings of being cheated, robbed in life, that someone did you wrong or was unfair to you, that people and things are out to get you and against you, "poor me" mentality, etc.





Now that you know, not everything is of you, you'll want to separate these things not of you from the real you God created. And you know now that these things are not who other people are either, so in order to better get along with other people you will want to separate people's extra baggage from who the really are too. Knowing all this makes forgiving much easier now - huh. Love the person put hate their baggage.


Temptation is not sin

The enemy attacks in our soul (mind, will, and emotions), but mostly in our minds with false thoughts and perceptions they project onto us. These unwanted guest (ungodly spirits) cannot invade our body without our permission. Therefore they trick us with temptation and the moment we buy into the temptation (believe the lies) is where we open ourselves for them to invade our this point we have sinned against God and His Ways and Laws.



Points of Entrance: other ways these unwanted spirits can enter in us

Grief (broken heart) can be a point of entrance if its an extreme response emotionally and for a longer than normal time period...can lead to depression and self-pity, along with getting stuck in the past, living in the past of that grieving moment...not letting go of it, not moving forward in life.


Wedlock; conceived out of rape, lust, unmarried parents. Parent(s) wanting another gender instead of accepting what they got.


Birth traumas; difficult, complications during birth. Excess of negative chemicals released into the baby in the womb from parents negative thoughts/feelings about it, including any life crises of not being able to make ends meet financially, etc. And basically any traumatic experience.


Growing up; any life threatening events, hospitalization, abandonment, separation of parents (divorce), tramatic experiences at the dental/doctor office (shots).


Adoption/Unwanted; fear of rejection, abandonment, not receiving perfect love leads to thoughts/feelings of "there is something wrong with me". Leads to insecurity, unsure of future.


Abuse; emotional, sexual, verbal, physical, religious. Victimization; stripped of self-worth. Not loved or nurtured properly, no security, bitterness, rejected. Victims usually do onto others to what has been done to them, victims abuse others. Sexual molestation; defilement, accused as guilty, false condemnation, shame. Rape/Sexual Assault is a point of entrance for accusation; tells you "you shouldn't have walked there" you "should have" done something different. Should-Haves are in the past, you cannot change what already don't beat yourself up over it...just deal with it now.


Abortion; is murder. Repent. Closure is sometimes needed to move forward in life.


Keeping Family Secrets is a point of entrance for shame...had to make up lies as a cover-up.


DRUGS, all kinds - illegal and prescribed, over the counter. Including vaccinations. Vaccinations lower the immune system, and alters your DNA structure in a negative (ungodly) way. I don't get vaccinations or booster shots and I am healthy! In fact, I am healthier than those who do get shots. Vaccinations is a propaganda just to get your money and to make your own God-given inner defense system weak so you have to rely on more drugs. Once you get in alignment with God and His Ways, your body will also "naturally" line-up with health. God's ways and laws are to protect us.


Pent-up anger as a child opens the doors to unclean spirits to enter.


Childhood wounds and hurts; push people away, isolation from people, avoid people.


God revealed and healed me of several childhood wounds that I had. They were below my conscious level, trapped in my spirit-body. There was an incident where I got yelled at as a child, that created a shock within me that needed released. And another incident ... throughout my entire childhood, I was not loved, but tormented by my birth mother's devils within her that created much pain within my spirit-body. So much pain, that I kept people at a distance and blocked out love altogether and didn't give love. And I hated myself (which I had to repent for). Well love is God, when you block out love, you also block out God...this leads to damnation; and I had to Let Go of this childhood wound to be saved. And believe me, it did not want me to let go of it. It had a stronghold on me. It (the devil) gave me a powerful delusion, projecting onto me: I was in a pitch black space with no boundaries, and I was dangling from this rope (the childhood wound rope) and the devil told me if I let go of the rope I'd die because there was nothing there to catch me. And God was telling me, if I didn't let go I'd die! It was a very hard decision to let go of the childhood wounds rope. But I did LET GO, and that part of my soul that was trapped in hell got redeemed.


God had shown me of my error in thinking at that stage of my childhood life; I have learned that, I could be hurt and love at the same time. We should not allow these inflections by the devil stop us from loving, others, ourselves, and God.



Characteristics of Devilishness

If you have any of the following devilishness acting out in you, get rid of it.


use tricks, lies, deception, manipulation, slanted truths/half truths to achieve desired end result is not OF Higher Good primary motive for giving/servicing is for self gain selfless actions are fueled out of greed and selfishness I win/you loose scenario versus a win/win scenario generally favors thy self only, one purpose only "appears" to be good/positive versus "actually" being good/positive use good/positive as a cover-up to hide/disguise/mask a defiled nature (white-wash effect) use people, planet, animals for money versus using money for the benefit of people, planet, animals


When a positive/good thing (servicing needs of humanity, contribution) has negative strings attached to it via is rooted in devilishness = offering is unclean, blemished, impure (adulterated). See... Duality


xxx Spirit of Jezebel

Kundalini, Yoga,
& New Age Spirits

Negative Forces that
work against us

Whole Body Detox - Flesh, Soul, Spirit

(Free Curse Breaking & Self Exorcism Tools)


Satan's goal is to change our God-given nature into his own nature, across the face of the earth.


Our body was designed to be a temple for our Spirit and the Spirit Of God only. Perhaps now is a good time to do some internal housecleaning.



While some things we can get rid of on our own,
other things will require the help of Jesus.


Invite Jesus In Your Life Prayer


After inviting Jesus in me, the first thing I was healed/delivered from was profanity and lust.

Jesus removes the things not of God within us.


My Inner Healing with God Testimonial - Part One

My Inner Healing with God Testimonial - Part Two


Note: God gave us Jesus as the atonement for our sins. Atonement means "to make amends with God". Going through other channels for "atonement" will disqualify you for Heaven. It's not about doing it, but rather, HOW you do it. Atonement cannot be by other spirits, by spiritual intuitive channeled healers! These spirits are no longer in unity with God. Jesus is connected to God.



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