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The major problem with traditional health care is the fact the it is actually hazardous to your health!
In some cases the treatment is more dangerous than the initial problem. Health is a positive thing, but when trying to achieve health in a harmful way xxx, you are really not gaining in health "altogether". Combining a (+) with a (-) is known as "duality" (help+harm). This creates a "null" effect. At IsoHealthy, we believe health should be just that — HEALTH in wholeness. We are here to inform you that there are "other" options available towards achieving Health. There is another health care system out there - Divine Health Care - which operates on a higher level of standards over worldly-traditional. We provide solutions for those who seek Higher Good Alternatives for wellness.


At IsoHealthy, we've eliminated the top leading
negative factors in health care for people, pets, and planet.



Pet Protector Natural Flea & Tick Remedy - Last 4 Years xxx








Healthy Pet Food & Treatstherapeutic, life transformation xxx




The pet foods and treats we offer ARE NOT part of the commercial
pet food network nor distributed through stores; the products are
shipped FRESH to your door by method of home-delivery.


A simple shift in your pet's food can create an enormous health transformation!






Public Awareness - Pet Food Warning


FDA Pet Food Recall | StopFeedingUsRubbish.com| Pet Food Comparison









While medical science is still searching for cure, our search is over.
Natural alternative medicine with no adulteration. For people and animals.


We are helping people GET DRUG FREE!!!



Extremely Powerful
Highly Effective
No Toxic Side Effects



Natural Medicine




Getting off of pharmaceuticals drugs (reversing the problem naturally) is the FIRST STEP-UP towards health and divinity. However, unless you deal with the "actual" root cause of the problem, it may reoccur in the same way or in a different way. Part of our Divinity Life Program includes learning and understanding the underlying spiritual fundamentals of the root cause of sickness on a deeper level with inner healing for a true permanent enduring effect. Learn More »


There are 784,000 estimated deaths per year in the U.S. from properly prescribed drugs and 7.5 million estimated unnecessary procedures performed per year. - Center for Disease Control (CDC)













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IsoHealthy.org is a Total Life Transformation Wellness Ministry and Divinity School Of God Seminary towards servicing the needs of humanity Naturally & Spiritually — for wholeness.