God-chosen, called, anointed and sanctified to serve humanity by a direct command of God in the NOW, operating in Divine Oneness with God in a co-partner "yoked" covenant relationship per spiritual-being of HOW God actually wants works of service to be done by, thereby, receives the Eyes-Mind-Will of God in FULL MEASURE, being a vessel for God to flow in-through-out of you, where actual will of God is combined with your human heart's desires and goals, where two lives are being lived out as ONE; serves by GRACE.

Serves God~humanity
acceptably in WHOLENESS


Making a contribution towards worldly problems "carnally" per human-being (humanism) and worldly ways; following the bible "partially" (an indirect command of God in the PAST), thereby serves out of "Laws of Righteousness" or serving using the gifts of the Holy Spirit as a "Half-Bred Christian" or serves spiritually using dark powers; works of service is "unsanctified".

Serves God~humanity


Lives for thy self only, doesn't care
about the problems of the world,
work is primarily for satisfying the
desires of the flesh; self gain only.